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I've been having problems with spammers. So I'm afraid that registrations will be by invitation only for a while. If you know me or someone here and would like an invite me ;)

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August 09, 2022, 03:47:16 PM

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I've been having problems with spammers. So I'm afraid that registrations will be by invitation only for a while. If you know me or someone here and would like an invite me ;)

Author Topic: Ascent: TheSpaceGame  (Read 1792 times)


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Ascent: TheSpaceGame
« on: February 28, 2017, 06:37:30 AM »

This one is up my alley. It's a space Exploration, Colonization, Trading game set in a procedural universe with 270 billion stars to explore.  It has the most helpful community of any game I have ever played none.

You start in a set of systems called the 'inner 9' where you are taught to colonize two basic colonies and build a small starbase. Buy in is $20 and gets you these basic functions and the ability to use up to class5 equipment in your explorations. There is a premium status for $3 a month that opens 7 more inner colonies, ability to expand inner starbase, use any class equipment and to colonize the outer systems.

There are a few quests but this is mostly handled "samdbox" style.

The cons are that there is only one developer who is not very communicative. There are community members who have access to him personally and they say he is just introverted and spends weeks at a time just coding. There isn't a very large player base so his revenue stream for updating the game is limited which puts much time between them.

What is there is fun if not always intuitive. (a micro-managers dream There are a few player made tools that help though.

Best is that at present there is no involuntary PvP and will be none ..8% of the galaxy will be set aside as "red zones" and players will actively have to search them out to use them. PvE combat is strictly involuntary as well as you need to accept a mission to engage in it. Jam1 (the dev) does not believe in his players losing anything they've worked for so ships are practically indestructable will let you get right to the edge of destruction, but won't let you die

It's kind of funny to fly into a planets surface at at 10000k/s and watch your ship bounce off
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Re: Ascent: TheSpaceGame
« Reply #1 on: February 28, 2017, 01:27:49 PM »

That sounds like a really good, more laid back space game! Nice!  :)

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