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General / Re: Morrowind
« on: March 13, 2019, 12:01:22 PM »
Awesome!  :)

I haven't played Morrowind in years. I played it mainly on the old original Xbox. Spent many, many hours on that. But then I ended up having a corrupt save and losing all my progress late on in the game (no expansions or mods). Was upset at losing all my progress and just couldn't start over.

Got the GOTY edition with all the expansions way back, but only played it a couple of times. Ended up getting Oblivion and then Skyrim for my Xbox 360 and played those instead, though haven't even played those in a few years.

I might need to load up Morrowind and check it out again. Not many games have been holding my attention like these greats from the past.

General / Re: Blood & Gold Caribbean
« on: February 04, 2019, 02:48:33 PM »
Definitely get it on sale when you do. It should be on sale for any major Steam sale, as well as other random times like the GOG sale.

General / Re: Blood & Gold Caribbean
« on: January 31, 2019, 10:55:05 AM »
Wow! Makes me appreciate living in the south now! lol

Yeah, I play it through Steam myself. I tend to just use the buttons on the screen, so forgot that 'P' is for party screen.

Like I said, not completely finished and polished, but this is a pretty darn good pirate game to play. Some hints of Pirates! Gold, Sea Dogs, and others in the way it's made. Too bad people haven't made a bunch of mods for it like M&B, because it could really be up there for one of the best pirate games with a little more work.

General / Re: GOG
« on: January 31, 2019, 10:50:52 AM »
Yeah, and the best part is as Scrog said GOG makes the games so they run on modern PC's. Even if they're available on Steam or other places they don't always work on Win 10.

General / Re: Blood & Gold Caribbean
« on: January 30, 2019, 06:37:44 PM »
Sweet!  :)

I think you want to transfer as many as possible out to sea, and then to fill out the crew go to the shipwright page and select crew. You have to 'buy' the crew there. If you have a larger ship with more crew you may need to go to a couple of ports to fill up the crew. Can also train them up the first level once your crew is full and if you have enough money to do that, too.

Stay safe with those really low temps up north!

General / Re: Blood & Gold Caribbean
« on: January 29, 2019, 05:40:25 PM »
I've actually been playing that lately.  ;D

It's basically Mount & Blade remade into a pirate game. It's decent - not really flushed out mainly because the original devs were taking too long and the financiers fired them and hired some new people to finish it quickly. I actually bought it when it was under a different name. Caribbean! or something? Think maybe they changed the name and 'released' it then.

For that price definitely worth picking up!

General / Re: GOG
« on: January 27, 2019, 12:45:06 PM »
OMG yes! Bannerlord and SC are the two games I'm really waiting for. Both announced and being worked on since 2012. And both also don't have an official release date yet (Squadron 42, the single player part is scheduled to come out next year barring no delays, but the MMO portion will take longer to finish). lol  They are all going to be absolute masterpieces, though.

I read the once a week Bannerlord dev updates on Steam and think "This looks awesome, but I want to know when it's going to be ready!"

Once those are released I will have no need for any other games!  ;D

General / Re: GOG
« on: January 26, 2019, 11:28:27 PM »
Yes, GOG is a great site especially for older games. I've bought a few there in the past.

I was actually pretty hesitant after I built my current PC back in 2014 to use the online sites and download games. I'd signed up with Steam for something years before but never used it until after I built this one. Actually, the only thing I'd bought online was the original Mount & Blade and only because you couldn't get it in a store at that point. Everything else I always bought a game package in a store.

Now I buy from Steam, GOG, Humble Bundle, etc. Can't remember the last game I bought in a store for PC. Getting tough to find any at this point.

As a side note, a great site to make sure you're getting the best deal possible for a game is: Can even sign up for an account there and make a 'Waitlist' of games that you set a price figure for a notification if they go under a certain price.

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 19, 2019, 12:32:55 PM »
So true, Scrog. So true.

I picked up RPGmaker a few years ago myself, but have only just messed around with it briefly. So can relate with that.

I might try Atlas again after giving it some time to see if they get their act together. Going to take a break from it for now, though. Will update when I do.

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 18, 2019, 10:12:38 PM »
Wow. So if you check gaming news you might see that yesterday some players supposedly hacked a dev account and started to spawn tanks and WW2 planes in the game. Apparently was mostly one known guild that did it that has possible ties to the devs, and the devs are refusing to ban any of them. Even banned a couple of guilds they were targeting instead of them. Lots of talk that the same thing happened in Ark. So players are quitting the official servers like crazy. Sounds like the streamers I was watching decided to leave and go to a private RP server instead.

Still might end up being a good game worth trying in the future, but likely on a private server and depending on how much the devs fix the game from here on out. Really wonder what will happen now.

Glad you guys didn't buy in at this point. Maybe someday it will be worth it...

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 18, 2019, 03:50:59 PM »
Yeah, me neither.

I'll let you know how the PvE server is after some time there.

This may be a game that needs to be put on the back burner until it's more finished and flushed out, too. The basics are pretty good, and it's simply beautiful, but there is a lot of changes needed and things added to really make it what it should be. Or may take there being a good private server to play on for the best experience.

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:13:38 AM »
And WC just refunded the game through Steam... lol

It's definitely early access. There's some very good stuff in the game, and a lot that needs fixed or improved.

I'm figuring on switching to the PvE server and trying that out more. Biggest problem is that ships decay in the Freeport newbie areas very quickly. As in, I cannot build a ship last night and have it still there when I log back in tonight to play, as ships decay in somewhere between 4-8 hours in the Freeport areas. They do this to try forcing you to go out into the lawless areas. The problem being in lawless areas you need to find a safe area to park your boat or you will be sunk by players, and the PvP server is dominated by huge zerg guilds that want you to join instead of letting you stay in their areas.

Hoping since they fixed the weight exploit on the PvE servers that I can just find a spot to anchor my ship and still have it the next day instead of having to start over and build a new boat every night. Gets old real fast.

So yeah... Don't rush into buying the game, especially at full price. If it has a decent price drop it's definitely worth a try, but I wouldn't pay full price for it the state it is in now. It's good for some fun even in the state it is in for the right price, though.  :)

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 17, 2019, 01:20:31 AM »
Yeah, right now there's just me and one of the other posters from Tig's forums (WickedCrustacean) who just started playing, but we haven't even met up in game yet.

It's a challenging game. You keep your levels and skills, but if you die and don't have a place besides the starting islands to spawn you start with no items. Most people I've met are nice, but you do have to deal with some that like to do dumb stuff for fun.

Like tonight I made a raft and was sailing around to gain some XP. Met a first group by their island and stopped to be inspected. I try to be friendly to all, and they were friendly back. Just asked that I unlock my chests so they could inspect that I didn't have anything to attack them with. Complied, and they offered for me to join them. Told them thanks, but just going solo for now, wished each other luck and we went our separate merry ways.

Shortly after another ship came towards me. Different group. I came to a stop to see what they were going to do, and they proceeded to hail me and then sped up and ran me over. I fell overboard and was eaten by a shark. Respawned and was surprised that my raft was still afloat. They came back and ran me over again. Saw my raft was almost destroyed so just scuttled it and drowned myself to deny them the satisfaction of any more, going back to the newbie island to start over again.

There's been some known exploits, but the devs are fairly quick to patch things up. There's usually at least one patch a night between servers and clients. Sometimes more.

I'm just enjoying building and sailing around, exploring and hunting and learning various things as I level up. Think I'm like lvl 15 now. The water in the game is amazing. Even with my graphics turned down for my PC it's very realistic.

We're on a PvP server now because that's where the streamers I watch are and WC prefers more hardcore games, but if there's enough of us and some want a PvE server I'm totally willing to switch myself.

We might even be able to find a private server at some point we can play on. Maybe be able to be more permanent so we can easily take breaks and come back when we are able to. That's the biggest negative I've found is that often things decay a little too fast for my taste and so you have to constantly rebuild/replace, as well as eat and deal with vitamins of the various foods. It's often easier to just die and respawn if you can.

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 12, 2019, 02:07:33 PM »
Here's a video from the other night of a big battle between the group of streamers I watch and a battle they had using several smaller ships against two galleons owned by the Chinese group. Burke Black is a great Twitch streamer who roleplays being a pirate in his streams and is kind of the de facto leader of the group. You can see the Dread Pirate Roberts in the background, the streamer's ship who I tend to follow the most, Mitauchi. He's a SC streamer and is naming a lot of ships with SC themes, and has a bunch of SC fans helping him out.

I actually watched this battle live. Was amazing!

I'm enjoying the little bit I've been able to get in the game, but a bad back has kept me from playing much the past few days. So been watching streams of it more. Thinking of trying to get in with this group if I'm able to, as once you hit a certain point you really do need to have a group to play with.

General / Re: Atlas
« on: January 06, 2019, 03:48:21 PM »
It doesn't have any large land masses, but does have a bunch of different smaller islands. Each server has a number of islands spread randomly around. Basically the servers are kind of like The Repopulation where you cross from one server area to another and (lag) load in, and they are set areas like TR has. There is currently a server cap of 150 players for each server, I believe. There are also different 'worlds' with all the servers. Right now there are two PvP worlds (NA and EU), and two PvE worlds (NA and EU).

Here's a map of the one world I'm on. The colored dots you see are claims by the various companies. You'll also see the small islands better if you zoom in a bit. The game is mostly ocean separating lots of small islands.

This map shows all the different servers. Each square is a different server. They are designated by coordinates A to O across and 1 to 15 down (not sure why they don't have them all marked on this map, but they all are active servers). The servers vary on climate and what type of land the islands are, from desert to tropical to frozen tundra. Resources tend to be spread out so that no one island has enough of everything. It forces players to go out and compete so they have what they need.

There are some 'Freeports' where you can't attack other players that work as newbie areas, but that lasts until lvl 8. Once you hit 8 you cannot gain any more XP in those areas. Then you must leave and head to the 'lawless' areas where players can claim control and fight each other for any further gains. I'm not sure if you can go back later or not.

The biggest negative for us so far in all this is that it's 24/7 PvP in all the lawless areas on the PvP worlds. This leads to bigger groups being better because another group can come along and attack your land and ships even when you aren't online. Smaller groups need to have alliances with other groups or you'll just be overrun. So we'd either have to go in with a large group, or make sure we can ally with a bunch and use diplomacy to keep ourselves safe. Guilds are called companies, and there is a membership limit of 500 per company. Our best hope would be if we could get a bunch of LIB to play and set up diplomacy with other groups.

The last option would be to go with a PvE world. I'm not certain of how exactly they work. The big problem there would be we'd have to get started early to grab some land of our own, as without PvP and players destroying each others' bases they could last forever. I guess you can set up your own private servers and mod them. That could be an option down the road, too.

The group I've been watching stream just created a second company. The older one is for the more experienced and trustworthy people, and the other is for the newer players. They are out to get as much land as possible. I haven't joined a company yet, as I just hit lvl 8 and haven't left the Freeport yet.

The game is definitely in early alpha and not optimized, which combined with being resource hungry means you need a decent PC to run the game. I've got things turned down quite a bit, though not all the way so it doesn't make the graphics look old and cartoonish. I'm not getting great fps, though. Usually 20-30 fps, with a little lag here and there. Not sure how much is my PC, the game itself, the amount of players on the server I was on, or my internet connection which was slow yesterday when I was testing it out. If it is because a high end PC is required then that will limit who can play the game now, too.

Honestly, I've been enjoying watching streamers play the game, but if I hadn't won a copy I wouldn't have bought it yet myself. Since it is in early alpha still the game needs finished and so the finished product could end up different than what it is now. That also leaves some time for people to decide if it's a game they want to play, or wait to see if it goes on sale for a reduced price.

This could be the best pirate MMO we've ever seen, though. Pretty much what we've all been waiting forever for.

Definitely a game worth keeping an eye on.  :)

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